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I’m going to blog again!!!!

It’s time. It really is. I’m really thinking that I need to blog in a more responsible way. I do really like tumblr, ya know. So, where to start. Quick little update about what’s been goin’ on. I passed the CA Bar Exam, woohoo! Getting sworn in this Thursday and I will officially be an attorney. So incredible to have finally reached this point. 

Now, the studying fun isn’t over yet. I’ll be taking the NY Bar in February, want to cover all of my bases since I really see myself living there at some point in the future. Fashion and art law are obviously big in The City, so it’s a pretty viable option. 

Other than that, really loving the job I have right now. I’m doing all kinds of plaintiff’s work, since I really wanted litigation experience. Specifically, I’m going to trial all the time, and it’s so much fun. We did a huge five week case in October, and last week picked our jury for the current case we’re doing. Tomorrow is opening, it’s a legal malpractice case with underlying fashion law claims, so it’s right up my alley.

Anyway, this is just a hi, hello, yes-I’m-still-breathing post. I’m going to have more interesting content soon, and in the mean time will start with the picture posting, vids, musica, etc.